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Exec Coaches


With wide-ranging business, organisational and people skills, with extensive experience in establishing and running SMEs in healthcare and franchising.....

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Goal: Performance

breakthrough performance smt leadership

Coaching assits you in breaking through performance barriers, giving added insight to enable you and your teams to reach organisational and personal goals.  The key benefits.....

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Executive, Life, Team & Business Coaching

At The Exec Coach we have extensive executive coaching experience in many industry sectors and at all levels.  With extensive business experience in a number of industries from healthcare, pharma, education to enterprise services, all particularly enjoy getting involved in organisational development and performance.  We share our journey and experiences in our blog in a very practical and insightful way.

Involved in the development of many businesses both in the UK and abroad, we thrive on the challenge of designing and implementing growth strategies for individuals and for business development. We utilise a number of business and coaching tools that we have used succesfully to improve performance.  We enjoy creating high performance teams and supporting best practice in managing and leading. Certified Professional Coaches and Mentors, Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists.

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